Traveling again

It seems that I’m on the road once more. Today, I’m checkling in from the Barona Valley Ranch Resort and Casino in San Diego County. I’m doing some preliminary oral history interviews down here. It’s fascinating stuff. There’s nothing better than being able to listen to people who have been in the gaming industry longer than you’ve been alive tell their stories.

Very nondescript travel for a change–I just woke up at 4 and was driving to SD by 5. According to the odometer, it’s just 50 miles more than the trip to LA, but it seems much longer.

It’s funny how distances are relative. I mean, saying that it’s 50 miles more means nothing out here. It’s like, “Oh yeah, another 1/2 hour or so driving.” Back on the east coast, that would put you into a different state, and you’d probably have to pay 5 tolls along the way. It seems like such a haul to drive up to Philly from Atlantic City, but it’s just a 60 mile trip. Even so, I’d think twice about driving up to Philly for a 10 AM appointment. Here, it’s just, “I guess I’ll have to wake up a few hours early.”

On the positive side, the mountains are draped in snow, which looks pretty impressive. If I was a total moron, I would have tried to take a picture with my digital camera while I was driving, instead of just seriously considering it for a few seconds.

This is my first time at Barona, and I’m very impressed. My room is really nice–nicer than most of the casino rooms I’ve ever stayed in. I would say it’s the nicest, but that honor has to go to the Conrad Jupiters in Gold Coast, where I had a suite bigger than my apartment.

Also, the computer I’m using in the business center has a trotting unicorn bookmarked. Go figure.

I didn’t see too many stories worth passing on, so no news links today. Have a safe and spooky Halloween.

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