Coasting back

I’m back from my conference on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and really buried by work. Still, I took the time to add some content on the right–let me know what you think.

I’ve got to say that I really liked the Gulf Coast. I got a great idea for a novel that might be my next project after Roll the Bones, and I definitely enjoyed being beachside for a while.

On the negative side, I had a really cruddy rental car with unexplained, hideous stains on all of the seats. I don’t even want to know how they got there. Also, I got carded just about every time I entered a casino. It was amusing at first, but got to be a real hassle after a while.

All told, though, it was a good time had by all. I got to see many parts of the Gulf Coast, and learned a great deal about globalization at the conference.

I also got some very encouraging news about my second book, which will no longer be called Uneasy Convictions. Email me with your title ideas, and win a mention in the acknowledgements!

Now, I’ve just got 4 article to write (2 by the end of the week), and 4 more trips in the next month. Also, there’s Roll the Bones to research and write, and the revisions on the second book.

Overextended doesn’t begin to describe where I’m at. Still, it’s better than sitting at home.

Look for an actual news update later. I’ve got some thoughts on the Westward Ho’s expansion project–as soon as I find something to link to the main story, I’ll post them.

Later in the week, look for photos of Mississippi and an additiion to the casino carpet gallery. Security was much stricter there–I got yelled at almost every time I took a picture. Still, for your web-browsing pleasure, I successfully captured images of all 12 Mississippi Gulf Coast properties. You won’t be disappointed.

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