Bright Mississippi

Anytime I get to reference a Thelonious Monk composition, it’s good news. In any event, I am writing this from Mississippi–more precisely, in the library of the University of Southern Mississippi, on the ground floor, facing northeast (again, something for fans of The Wire to appreciate). I’m about a block away from the beach, which is really cool. I live in the desert, but in less than 24 hours I went from the Pacific Ocean (well, Westwood) to the Gulf Coast.

So far, I’ve got very positive impressions of Gulfport and Biloxi. I’ve met with some very nice people and been shown around some of the properties. It is fascinating because it seems to draw on a much different market than those that I’m familiar with, yet most everything is the same. I haven’t been to Treasure Bay, the pirate ship casino, but I most definitely will go tomorrow or Saturday. I’ve been taking pictures of the casino carpet and will add a new page to my galleries when I get back.

Pretty much the only way that you can tell that these are not land-based casinos is the little connecting ramp that you walk over. Even that I haven’t noticed except for the few times I’ve tripped on it, much to the amusement of those familiar with it. I guess you get used to it.

I’m giving my much-anticipated paper (well, somewhat anticipated paper) on “Gaming as an Inherently Global Business” tomorrow…if I can tear myself away from the beach. I didn’t see too many people down there, but to me, temperatures over 80 and humidity over 80% just screams “beach day.” I just happened to bring a pair of board shorts with me, so I am good to go.

Anyway, look for another update tomorrow.

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