Girls’ night out!

In an effort to cater to women, the Rio is building “The Ultimate Girls’ Night Out,” an entertainment complex geared towards women seeking a fun night out.  From

Billed as The Ultimate Girls’ Night Out� destination, the Rio’s new complex will be the first in Las Vegas to offer such a venue. The multi-faceted entertainment experience will be a place where women of all ages may come together and celebrate occasions such as bachelorette parties, high school/college reunions, 21st birthday celebrations, office parties and just about any other instance when a “girls’ night out” is in order.

Slated for a December 2004 opening, Ultimate Girls’ Night Out� will feature a 400-seat Chippendales� Theater (50-foot-wide stage with private sky boxes) housing the Rio’s popular show, a spacious cocktail lounge, retail area and plush ladies’ room.

“Our decision to build this complex is based on research we believe indicates a demand for female-targeted entertainment in Las Vegas,” said Marilyn Winn, senior vice president and general manager for the Rio. “Chippendales� is the premier brand in women’s entertainment. We’ve seen a significant increase in show counts over the past two years, and believe the timing is right to introduce an entire entertainment experience dedicated to women.”

Architecturally, Ultimate Girls’ Night Out� will be a virtual theme park for women. Designed with a subtly feminine chic, the space itself will be a true testament to “girl power.”
“The design has been a collaborative effort,” Winn said, “relying heavily on the input of women in our organization and women closely affiliated with our Chippendales� partners. We’ve put a great deal of thought into to the shape of the structure, the fabric textures and colors, bathroom fixtures, and even the floor finishes. Every detail of this project has been developed with women in mind.”

At Ultimate Girls’ Night Out�, the women’s bathroom will be an integral attraction, complete with plush “gossip pit” and other special features not found in any ordinary “girls” room.”
“We paid particular attention to the design of this facility, knowing women want a private, comfortable place to freshen up their appearance, exchange fashion advice and tell secrets,” Winn said.

Ultimate Girls’ Night Out� will be located on the second floor, within the Masquerade Village, adjacent to the East parking garage. In addition to the theater, there will be a spacious 1,500-square-foot ultra lounge with a walk up bar offering a stylized, intimate feel. And a 2,100-square-foot retail boutique will feature a variety of items that appeal to women, such as Chippendales� merchandise, bachelorette party gear, makeup and lingerie, among others.

Rio and Chippendales to Build Entertainment Complex for Women

This seems well-intentioned, but almost a parody of fem-centric marketing.  A women’s bathroom with a gossip pit, so women can exchange fashion advice and tell secrets?  This whole thing is basically a theater, a bathroom, a bar, and a store, but with the right spin it becomes an “ultimate destination.”  Now that’s marketing.

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