UNLV Gaming Podcast 37: Paul Steelman, Part II

I was lucky enough to record part two of my planned two-part UNLV Gaming Podcast interview with Paul Steelman. I’ve posted it to the site and iTunes. Here’s the description:

37-December 20, 2011
Paul Steelman
In this December 20 interview, Sarno Award-winning casino architect Paul Steelman discusses several of his projects, Atlantic City’s Steel Pier, and the future of casino architecture. Part II of II

Listen to the audio file (mp3)


This was a lot of fun to record. Towards the end when Paul was showing me the Steel Pier slideshow things broke down a little and, since you can’t see what he’s showing me, you might be a little in the dark, but I tried to narrate as much as I could. It shows how spontaneous the talk was. There’s a lot of really good material in both interviews.

As I move forward in my quest to get interviews with all of the Sarno Award winners, I’ll say this: Paul has set the bar very high.

Also, as an Atlantic City native I’m both wowed and cheered by his plans for Steel Pier. You get a sneak peak (well, sneak listen) in the interview, and we’ll find out more in a few weeks with the official announcements.

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